Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How I Made $15,874 in One Day (Tips Revealed) by Eric Jennings

My name is Eric. Thanks for taking your time to read this informative article that I have written for you. This article is going to go over how I made $15,874 in one day on the internet.
Many people struggle with internet marketing, but it is not difficult once you understand how to make money online properly. For years, I struggled with making money online. I would make a few hundred dollars from some methods, but I could never find a business model that could help achieve financial success.
I wanted to make a living online, and I was willing to put in all the energy possible to achieve this goal. The problem that I kept encountering was that I could not figure out how to make a lot of money online. I would buy a lot of courses that were filled with hype and promised to make thousands of dollars overnight. None of them worked as planned, and it would hurt my confidence level.
This all changed one day when I stumbled upon Anik's coaching. I decided to join his coaching program because I kept hearing about how profitable email marketing could be. Email marketing was a method that I tried in the past, but I could not figure out how to do it properly because I was receiving guidance from people that did not know how to do it themselves.
I bought the coaching in January of 2011, and I started implementing the material. Since I saw a lot of good reviews about the coaching, I knew that it was something that I should put full focus into.
The day that changed my life was April 10, 2011. I had an email list built up from following Anik's coaching. It was around 5000 people. I used many different traffic methods such as article marketing, video marketing, SEO, ezine marketing, solo ads, and forum marketing to build the list. It was in the weight loss niche.
During the 3 months that I was building the list, I gave them a lot of great information about weight loss. I knew that providing value would help my conversion rate when I promoted a product. Therefore, I went out of my way to provide them with great tips about weight loss that I found around the internet. On April 10, 2011, I decided that it would be the day to make my first promotion to the list.
I decided to promote a $47 weight loss program as an affiliate that I would make 75% commission on. It came to $35.25 per sale. I reviewed the weight loss program to make sure that it was valuable and offered a good method for losing weight. It turned out that the product was very good, so I wrote up the email to promote the product to my list.
As soon as I sent out the email with the promotion at around 1 am on April 10th, I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning, and I saw over $10,000 in my account from the product. I could not believe it. To this day, I had barely made any money online. I waited for the day to finish, and I checked my statistics the next day.
It said that I made $15,874 in commissions. I ended up getting over 450 sales from that one promotion. This was a 9% conversion rate for the list of around 5000 people. The main thing to understand with these results is that they are very doable with email marketing.
I never believed that I would make $15,874 in one day on the internet. However, I achieved that by following Anik's coaching and also by focusing on delivering value to my email list. If you are interested in making a lot of money online, you will need to find an excellent coach. I highly recommend Anik's coaching because it has changed my life. I now make over $2000 every day from following the same method that I have talked about in this article.
Good luck with your future in internet marketing. I hope this article helps you realize that anyone can make a lot of money online. The only thing required is to take action.
I am a professional internet marketer that makes over $2000 every day. The main technique that I use is email marketing, and it has helped me achieve financial success. The coaching that helped me learn email marketing properly was Anik's coaching.
You can watch a video about the coaching here: Anik's coaching

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